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VETCares is looking to purchase an existing camp or build a Veteran Healing Center and Camp in the heart of Paradise Valley, MT – We are calling it CampCares. The Camp is designed to provide alternative therapy re- treats including hunting, fishing, backcountry hiking, conservation, equine therapy, and meditation programs that are immersed in nature’s solitude to heal the soul.


CampCares will organize the therapies and local guides to take Veterans and/or their families out for one day, or several days in a row. When the programs are done for the day program participants will meet back at basecamp for dinner and professionally led Peer therapy. Peer therapy is an important tool for veterans because it provides a safe and supportive environment where they can openly discuss their experiences, feelings, and challenges related to their service.

Peer therapy can help veterans build relationships with other veterans who understand their unique circumstances, create an atmosphere of trust, and provide valuable support and guidance. This type of therapy also helps veterans to gain a sense of purpose, to make meaningful connections, and to start and/or continue the healing process.

Inaugural CampCares Healing Retreat: July 19 – 22, 2022.

  • Graduates included two Marines and one Solider, all combat tours with one Purple Heart recipient.
  • Camp consisted of Four-day outdoor Healing Camp, Fly Fishing Instruction and fly shop gear education, two days of floating Yellowstone and Madison Rivers.
  • Daily professionally guided Peer therapy around evening campfires, Confessional Booth, and Graduation Ceremony.

Programs in the future will include following: Fly Fishing Experiences, Hunting Experiences, Backcountry hiking/camping, Equine Therapy, Meditation / Yoga, Brother/Sister-hood Peer therapy, Tools to take home to continue healing practices daily, Skill training in outdoor programs.

No cost to participants. CampCares is at no cost to the Veteran or families, designed to support moving forward from past traumas and provide access to a full range of mind-body practices that facilitate healing to restore, reconnect and revive their souls. We are committed to providing tools, training, and healing.


"It is our duty as patriots to create a supportive community for veterans
in need and to empower them to live independent and successful lives through access to resources, education, financial assistance, and healing therapies. Let’s give our servicemembers and veterans a hand-up, while honoring their service and dedication to our country."