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This grant is offered to qualified first-time active-duty and veteran home buyers who need a hand up when purchasing a home. Named after Sr. Chief Robert Calloway. A real estate agent and deacon, he was an original VAREPer and served in different posts including the VAREP national board. He is missed but his legacy lives on.
VetCares, Inc, through its partnership with the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals is pleased to offer the Calloway Closing Cost Grant

Program. The CCCG Program helps potential homebuyers bridge the affordability gap by providing them with a $2,000 closing costs assistance grant to cover a portion of their closing costs for the purchase of a home.
The program is intended for low to moderate income (120% Ami and below) first time home buyers to purchase any eligible property.


  • Proof of all household income (i.e., most recent LES or RAS, civilian pay, disability benefits, etc.)
  • 2 months of Bank checking and savings statements, Information re: 401K accounts, retirement accounts, stock, bonds, etc.
  • If wounded, provide documentation or other official record of a wound, illness, or injury being sustained in the line of duty.
  • If active duty, provide orders and/or deployment orders.
  • Veterans must provide DD214, the Veteran’s character of discharge or service must be Honorable or General (Under Honorable Conditions).
  • Any documents to help verify, support and illustrate the applicant’s current critical needs.
  • Three Character References (personal and professional).
  • A credit report will be pulled (this will not impact our decision for your application; however, it will determine the custom financial counseling you will receive if awarded).
  • A criminal background will be conducted. We will not award convicted felons.