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Camp Cares


Born from USA Homeownership Foundation, Inc.’s programs and volunteers working together for the past 11 years, the organizations collective passion for our Veterans and wanting to do more to touch and change their lives now drives us to bring to life a Veteran Healing Camp in Montana.   Through this passion, VETCares, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit was formed.  Among the programs that were launched, is Camp Cares.  Our hearts desire is to design and carve out a tranquil and secluded environment in Paradise Valley, Montana for our Veterans to begin or continue their healing journey.

Thank you for your interest in applying to one of our VETCares programs. At this time we are no longer accepting applications. Please revisit our website in the future for program updates and application submissions.


VETCares is looking to purchase an existing camp or build a Veteran Healing Center and Camp in the heart of Paradise Valley, MT.  The Camp will be designed to provide alternative therapy retreats including hunting, fishing, backcountry hiking, conservation, equine therapy, and meditation programs that are immersed in nature’s solitude to heal the soul.  The Center will organize the therapies and local guides to take Veterans and/or their families out for one day, or several days in a row.  When the programs are done for the day program participants will meet back at the Center for dinner and brother/sister bonding around the campfires and/or have solitude under the Montana skies.  VETCares will work with subject matter experts and professional specialists to provide tools and resources so they may continue their journey of healing upon returning home.

MISSION - Restore, Reconnect, Revive
Provide outdoor experiences for Veterans to move forward through mindful focus, much needed rest, and relaxation that will translate and equip them with daily practices after they leave the Camp.

Offer experiences, at no cost to the Veteran or families, designed to support moving forward from past traumas and provide access to a full range of mind-body practices that facilitate healing to restore, reconnect and revive their souls. We are committed to providing these tools and training.

Programs & Services

  • Fly Fishing Experiences
  • Hunting Experiences
  • Backcountry hiking/camping
  • Equine Therapy
  • Meditation / Yoga
  • Brother/Sister-hood connections
  • Tools to take home to continue healing practices on a daily basis
  • Skill training in outdoor programs
  • Resources to reach out to continue different programs in their areas


We have several options and opportunities for major donors and/or sponsors.  If you are interested in being a founding or lifetime sponsor please contact Carla Lemon, VETCares Executive Director at 951-444-7361 or email at [email protected].  We welcome any donation through our donation page (click here to donate).

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