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CampCares is designed to provide outdoor healing peer therapy retreats including hunting, fishing, backcountry hiking, conservation, equine therapy, and meditation programs that are immersed in nature’s solitude to heal the soul.
No cost to participants. CampCares is at no cost to the Veteran or families, designed to support moving forward from past traumas and provide access to a full range of mind-body practices that facilitate healing to restore, reconnect and revive their souls.

SHE MATTERS Veteran Women’s Camp Applications have been filled and now closed until April 2025.





Step 2: Submit application for processing by creating an account or logging in to my VETCares Portal.
STEP 3: Caseworkers will review your application and contact you for any additional information.
STEP 4: The case is evaluated and, if approved, you will be notified.

Note: While we want to assist all that apply, that is not realistic due to our limited financial and human resources. Our priority is to rank and process the most critical cases. We are currently experiencing a high volume of requests for financial help for military families. As a result, you may encounter some delay in the processing of your case. We appreciate your patience.


  • Proof of all household income (i.e., most recent LES or RAS, civilian pay, disability benefits, etc.)
  • If wounded, provide documentation or other official record of a wound, illness, or injury being
    sustained in the line of duty.
  • If active duty, provide orders and/or deployment orders.
  • Veterans must provide DD214, the Veteran’s character of discharge or service must be Honorable or
    General (Under Honorable Conditions).
  • Any documents to help verify, support and illustrate the applicant’s current critical needs.
  • Three Character References (personal and professional).
  • A credit report will be pulled (this will not impact our decision for your application; however, it will
    determine the custom financial counseling you will receive if awarded).
  • A criminal background will be conducted. We will not award convicted felons.