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What started as 2016 as the “Stop, Drop, Push Campaign” (as part of our sister company, USA Homeownership Foundation Inc. DBA VAREP) to the 2019 transformation into its own organization of VETCares, Inc., only to be temporarily halted by the COVID pandemic which delaying operations until the fourth quarter of 2022. Despite these obstacles, we have preserved and helped many veterans and veteran organizations along the way.

Our focus areas include suicide prevention education, alternative therapies gap grants, home buyer closing cost grants, emergency financial assistance, military sexual trauma resources, domestic violence grants, and outdoor healing adventures for those re-discovering purpose and tranquility.

Through facts, figures, illustrations, and storytelling; our annual report, audit, and form 990 shares our story and how we have impacted the communities we serve. As a result, in accordance with the Financial Accounting Standards guidelines and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidance, VETCares, Inc. allocates a portion of our fundraising costs to program services. As a nonprofit organization that is exempt from federal taxation, we ensure our donors’ money is spent as efficiently and effectively
as possible.



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Partner with VETCares in empowering Veterans to live successful, sustainable, and fulfilling lives.